SharePoint 2010 Development Environment on Windows 7

With Sharepoint 2010 being available since yesterday for General Availability, I thought I will set up the dev environment in my laptop. I have Windows 7 ultimate (64 bit) in my laptop (Vista should also suffice) with 4 gig memory and that should be a reasonable configuration to install Sharepoint 2010.

I downloaded the 180 days trial from here. I choose the “SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise Client Access License features” as I felt that it better suits my development needs. The install steps are clearly captured here. The install is easy if you follow the exact steps mentioned in the page. Except that, in the Step 2 replace the following commands

For SharePoint Server 2010:
c:\SharePointFiles\OfficeServer /extract:c:\SharePointFiles


For SharePoint Server 2010:
c:\SharePointFiles\SharepointServer.exe /extract:c:\SharePointFiles

Otherwise you shouldnt be facing any issues with the setup. I havent yet started promgramming and testing out some code. What are your experiences..? Do let me know if you face any issue.