Sharepoint vs Drupal vs WordPress- Comparison

Here is a nice write up on Sharepoint vs Drupal. This is from microsoft blog so you might want to take this with a pinch of salt. But still it is the only blog in internet where someone is presenting the advantages of Sharepoint. Whichever blogs you might get by googling Sharepoint vs Drupal, they all speak about Drupal being best.

Updated: I recently came across this blog on Sharepoint 2010 vs WordPress. This is definitely nice read and can help decide which product to choose.


3 Comments on “Sharepoint vs Drupal vs WordPress- Comparison”

  1. hanry says:

    Great post. With the growth of companies, SharePoint is emerging at a rapid speed each day. It’s delineate is great information.
    Thanks for great sharing.

  2. Harlam says:

    Could it be that the reason all those other posts that speak of Drupal being the best is because it is? Isn’t that point of getting multiple reviews? If multiple reviews tend to point to a certain solution as the best, it probably is the best.

  3. kelvencleark says:

    As such WordPress and SharePoint are similar in many things but still I don’t think that comparing both of these will be a fair thing as WordPress is a CMS which SharePoint is not whereas SharePoint is designed to run a standalone server which is not a case with WordPress.

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